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As a lawyer, I serve as a divorce mediator or consulting attorney, specializing in the following types of cases:

  • High net worth (assets from 3 million to 30 million dollars) 

  • Special issue clients—recovering from alcohol or drug dependency, PTSD, loss of child or other significant trauma

  • Case goal: to move on with integrity and honesty, getting past reasons for the divorce. 

​All cases involve a CDFA—Certified Financial Divorce Analyst, who assists with compiling and organizing the financial end of the divorce. This process is efficient, saving time and unnecessary fees for clients.


As a divorce mediator, I am considered a 'neutral' and advocate for the ‘best interests’ of the divorcing couple—looking at the impact their divorce will have on other family members as well as optimizing their post-divorce experience in resolving future issues.  When representing consulting clients, I assist my client by strategizing ways to obtain their best-case scenario and pushing for it in the mediation.


As an advocate for spousal fraud targets (SFTs), I am working with other divorce professionals to bring awareness of this issue to the public through a nonprofit organization—Coalition Against Fraud In Divorce.


​CAFID’s goals include:

  • Collaborating with divorce professionals from all areas: legal, financial, business, and mental health to eliminate financial abuse and fraud in divorce.

  • Provide financial education and empowerment for divorcing people, especially women who may lack financial literacy.

  • Reform laws that protect fraudster and narcissistic spouses​, while introducing laws to protect financial abuse victims.



As a strategist for mediation and consulting clients, I help clients find creative and strategic responses to whatever issues they are facing at any given moment during the process. The old school mediation approach can be wasteful in some circumstances, especially if one of the spouses is manipulating the mediation process to intimidate or exploit the other spouse.  


As a strategist for CAFID and spousal fraud targets, I am using crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, social media, and other non-traditional avenues to build an organization that will truly make a difference in reforming family law to allow equal access to justice--especially for the spouse who is dealing with a narcissistic fraudster spouse.

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