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As a CONSULTING ATTORNEY, I can assist you with any of the following:


1-Pre-divorce Education.  You provide me with your questions as to what you might expect from the divorce process in San Diego County.  During the consultation, I answer your questions while helping you understand what your support, property division or other divorce scenario might look like.   


Typical questions from clients include:

  • How long will my divorce take, if we’re not in agreement on support or property division?

  • What options are available for resolving my case, other than litigation?

  • What impact will my (or my spouse’s) recovery from drug or alcohol dependency have on the case?


2-Independent Consulting Attorney for Divorce Mediation.   You provide me with an overview of your assets, debts, income and expenses, along with the name of your mediator and your spouse’s consulting attorney. During our consultation, we go over your best-case scenarios to make ensure your mediation is successful.


Typical areas of concern covered include:

  • Making sure your spouse comes to the mediation in good faith, instead of a manipulative agenda.

  • Strategic use of your mediation time to avoid wasted time or lack of focus on important issues.

  • Ways to manage a HCP (high conflict personality) spouse (commonly known as a narcissist.)


3-Second Opinion Consulting.  You provide me with your questions or concerns with your ongoing divorce issues, whether they are with litigation, mediation or a consulting attorney. 


Typical questions from clients include:

  • Am I being overcharged by my lawyer? Are the tasks being performed on my case necessary or just churning fees?

  • In a collaborative divorce case, are my rights and issues being addressed properly?

  • Does my divorce mediator know what they’re doing—they seem to be favoring my spouse’s position on most issues?



Process to Retain:


Download Questionaire Here:




Send an email to with your questionnaire attached or call (858) 674-6903.


After receiving your questionnaire, we will contact you with ‘next steps.’


Consulting attorney services are prepaid at the rate of $500/per hour. 


Clients who are personally referred from their mental health provider or financial professional or a former client or attorney may receive a 15-minute complimentary phone call at attorney’s discretion.

Download as:

Download as:

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