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“Absolutely top-notch service with reasonable fees. Compassionate and caring. If you need top notch representation I have heard only positive comments for Ms. McKay and her team of experts.”
Linda Erwin-Gallagher, MFT, Employee Assistance Program Manager, City of San Diego, CA

“I met Iris Mckay at a Divorce workshop, and after her very positive presentation which focused on looking forward in our lives to our future, I determined to engage her services.
She has extensive knowledge of the California Family laws and has represented me with integrity, composure and skill. She is patient, explaining everything that is going on and talks on my level without ever causing me to feel she is talking down to me. I have great faith and trust that she has my interests at heart, and knowing she is on my side gives me a sense of peace about the outcome of my divorce.
I have been extremely pleased with everything that she and her accomplished and able staff have done for me. I unconditionally recommend her to any person, woman or man, who is considering the painful decision to end their marriage. Iris McKay is an attorney who genuinely represents her clients. She is an excellent choice for a Family Law Attorney." - C.B., San Diego County, CA

“Iris McKay not only represented myself but also my mother almost 20 years ago. She is just as passionate, devoted and professional with my case as she was with my Mother’s case. She has always kept me informed almost immediately with what ever was brought, filed, emailed etc. to her in regards to my case. I would have been completely lost without her and her amazing knowledge and experience of the law and even how to keep me calm when I thought I was going to lose my mind. My only regret is that I did not hire her on in the very beginning of my divorce and custody battle. However, as soon as she took my case a HUGE sigh of relief and stress just melted away. Iris McKay will forever be my family’s attorney and I would recommend her to anyone in need of a kick butt lawyer! Thank you for everything that you do Iris!!." - H., Las Vegas, Nevada

“I contacted Iris McKay two weeks before my Mandatory Settlement Conference. I was nervous about switching lawyers toward the end of my case, but my previous lawyer was not returning calls and was making decisions on my case without my permission. Because my income was three times more than my ex’s, I was told by my first lawyer that I would have to pay him support and also would have to pay his lawyer fees. A good friend recommended Iris saying she was very good at working out settlements. I met with her and was impressed by her warm, genuine caring nature, which my male lawyer did not have at all. She was also very focused on making sure I understood how the settlement judge would look at each issue in my case. At that time I was still very angry with my husband and Iris helped me see how my anger was getting in the way of making good decisions, and the importance of seeing the ‘big picture.’ At the settlement conference in court, she was very good in working with our settlement attorney. I didn’t end up paying any support or attorney’s fees because of the way we worked the division of our property, which was almost 50/50 anyway. All in all, the settlement was so much better than I thought it would be. More important to me, is that Iris treated me with respect and compassion and helped me get through a very difficult time in my life. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I would not have switched lawyers. I strongly recommend her to any woman who is tired of getting the run around and feeling mistreated by a male lawyer.” L.S., Business owner, La Jolla, CA

“I hired Iris after firing my ‘bull dog’ lawyer, who did nothing but run up attorneys’ fees on needless issues. As a physician, the family court system saw me as a deep pocket. With Iris’ guidance, I was able to obtain 50/50 custody of my sons and get fair orders without having to pay any attorney’s fees to my ex-wife’s blood-sucking lawyer. (That was one of my biggest concerns, given California law. On top of that, my ex-wife was ordered to get a job. All of this for a very reasonable fee. Iris’ team is excellent.”
C.D., Client & Physician, Del Mar, CA

“As my divorce attorney, Iris has consistently outsmarted the other side with her excellent command of the law. She is tough, yet charming. She has intelligently and successfully persuaded the merits of our case to several judges with varying personalities and reputations. Iris’s attention to detail and personal integrity inspire great confidence, even in emotionally trying situations and in such a long and drawn-out case. I also think she has a fantastic sense of humor, which made court appearances surprisingly fun.”
Name Withheld to Protect Confidentiality, College Professor, San Diego, CA

“Iris is caring and professional and made a difficult situation easy to understand and navigate through. I highly recommend her to anyone who is going through a divorce or contemplating one.”
Cal Campbell, Client & Business Owner

“I don’t know about you, but I have some very high expectations when it comes to attorneys who either represent me or others I care about. Here are the qualities that I absolutely expect out of an attorney: ethical; highly intelligent (yet real/genuine); honest; direct, highly regarded by the Bench; strategically smart planner; artfully persuasive, articulate; organized; makes time for talking about my concerns; powerfully appropriate in Court (in dress, style, and mannerisms); maintains healthy boundaries for all clients (whether they like it or not); is willing to gently, yet assertively argue with her/his clients when needed, deeply understands and adapts to the wide spectrum of human responses that evolve during the long arduous divorce process, is not so busy that she/he has no time for talking with me, and has a deep well of professional associates to whom she/he can refer her/his clients when needed (e.g. Forensic Accountants, M.F.T’s, Psychologists, other attorneys when case-specific issues require such a referral to a specialist, etc.). Iris McKay, Esq. embodies all of the above. Her successful representation of me was nothing short of a class act. I have respectfully referred numerous people to her as a tip of my hat to her overall skills as a divorce attorney. In each and every one of those cases, the referent came back to me raving about the quality of service that was proved by Ms. McKay. I suspect there will always be a couple disgruntled people out there who will post reviews on sites such as this where they vent their frustration at the professional who told them the things they did not want to hear. I’ve suspect that most such nay-sayers came into the client/attorney relationship unwell, disturbed, dysfunctional, and angry in the first place. Sad for them, but nobody will ever meet their unrealistic expectations. When it came to Iris McKay, Esq., all of my and my referents’ expectations were surpassed. And we thank her.”

N.C., Physician, San Diego County, CA

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